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We’ve created a totally-free educational course the fundamentals of bitcoin, the most revolutionary technology and monetary system ever!


Bitcoin is simply the most exciting technological advancement and financial instrument in recent memory, and we have just begun to see and understand the impact and the implications. And if the experts are right, then bitcoin (and the underlying blockchain technology) will imminently and inevitably touch your life.

So, this is your opportunity to discover and learn some of its basics and fundamentals. In just ten days, you’ll know what bitcoin is, how it can be purchased, and why it matters. After completing this course, you’ll not only be able to hold a conversation with a friend but also own some of this technology!

We originally-designed it in the form of a 10-day email course but we’re now giving all of it away immediately!

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About the Author:

John Saddington is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and award-winning indie app developer, having built many different projects and companies via bootstrapping and venture financing. His last larger project (The Iron Yard) was acquired by a Fortune 500, and he’s also the creator of a much smaller indie macOS app that won “Best Apps of the Year” via Apple two years in a row.

John is passionate about education, coaching, and mentoring others and has done this primarily through his public blog, where he shares his learnings (i.e. mostly his failures) for over 16 years. He desperately desires more people to become “tech literate” and expand their own opportunities through software.

But with all of that experience, John has never encountered anything more exciting than bitcoin and the blockchain technologies and protocols. After having dabbled in it as a curious observer, he fully jumped in with both feet and started building a large and vibrant bitcoin community to accelerate his own learning. He’s now the CEO of a venture-backed startup in San Francisco.

This is because he fundamentally believes that learning is a cooperative and collaborative process and that discoveries are best uncovered in the context of community. If you agree with this sentiment, then you’ll enjoy expanding your own horizons with John and others!

John Saddington // February, 2016 // San Francisco

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